Eric Lien if I wanted to upgrade my Azteeg x5 v3 to something that

@Eclsnowman if I wanted to upgrade my Azteeg x5 v3 to something that could drive up to three extruders, whats my best option for a smoothly based board? I know Panucatt has produced a new board (x5 GT), but its out of stock and it’ll only run two extruders?

Right now two extruders would be fine, but I’m hoping to experiment with 3 at some point. In the interest of only buying one more control board, I thought I’d ask if you knew of any other options. I really like the Panucatt board I have, esp the software controlled current settings.

I’d also like the ability to control lights and a couple more fans (more I/o) also.

Anything out there currently fit the bill?

I think you could add external drivers to the X5 GT. There is also the Cohesion3D Remix board that does 3 extruders out of the box. The Remix runs smoothieware and has a host of MOSFETs. I think you have to compile smoothieware special for triple extruders (per a conversation with Ray the other day.

Another option if Prusa is willing to sell it separately is his 4 extruder multiplexing extruder driver board. It takes a single extruder and then selects which extruder motor to drive via the multiplexer board. Since you never extrude more than one hotend at once this is a very simple and elegant solution.

Cohesion3D ReMix:
6 driver sockets, large bed MOSFET, 4 other medium mosfets (3 hotends and a fan) and another tiny MOSFET for fan/ led.
I don’t have it listed but I can also provide you with a little MOSFET board that would hook up to the servo header for more expansion.
Only caveat - no software controlled current aka digipots.
In stock and shipping as quickly as possible.

And yep, we like the default smoothie builds which come with max 5 axis by default, but I’ve already recompiled for 6 and can provide that. So it’s just a quick drag in of a new firmware.bin when you are ready to upgrade to triple extruders.

So…what have people been using to run e3d kraken then? XD

I am actually debating on getting a kraken. And putting it in the herculien. But it has to be liquid cooled.

@Jim_Stone well, just say the word and I’ll design up a 4th (or even 5th) motor driver module for remix. The problem becomes that there is only 4 thermistor lines available. So now we’d be in spi thermocouple territory as well, as this is the only option I know of to expand the thermistor count.

In my case I’m hoping I can run them all into one extruder so I’m not needed extra heaters or thermistors. Just need to be able to control 3 axis motors and three extruders.

@jerryflyguy so in that case, I’ve seen the prusa splitter board and I’m familiar with what Eric is talking about, I just haven’t seen anything like that in the market.

@jerryflyguy You can take a Smothieboard 5XC, and just wire an external stepper motor driver to it ( very easy to do, it’s in the documentation. and cheap, about $10 ), and it’ll run a three-extruder machine no problem.

Or buy a duet and get the coming expansion board :slight_smile:

Since my IRC comment was pasted in, I figured I’d clarify. Arthur has always been very helpful to me when I’ve asked in IRC. I was just noting that, for someone who isn’t “in the know” about MKS vs Smoothie, it’s a bit disconcerting to follow the Smoothieware documentation, come to IRC, and catch shit about having an MKS - when you had no history or understanding of the situation. I don’t question Arthur’s motivations in re: MKS, and Smoothieware is my personal favorite firmware.