Eric Lien  i haven't used Solidworks so far (and have no access to it)

@Eclsnowman i haven’t used Solidworks so far (and have no access to it) - is it easy for you to modiy a part and to offset features a bit? If so could you probably modify the XY end belt tensioner (Eustathios-Spider-V2/XY Axis Belt Tensioner A.STL at master · eclsnowman/Eustathios-Spider-V2 · GitHub) and move the whole for the crossbars 3mm away from the outer bars? I’m going to design an LM8LUU-Carriage and i think it would be better to be able to cross the bearings which wouldn’t be possible with the curerent distance of bars. 6mm more would give roughly 1-2mm between the bearings and should still work fine.

If it’s too much of a work don’t worry - in this case i’ll completely redraw them.

Onshape is a free online 3d cad that can import solid works files

If you can use Onshape, here you have the part as a public model . Basic editing is possible.

thanks guys, i’m using Fusion360 that can also import solidwors files but it’s not able to edit basic sketches that underly an object. I thought Eric might be able to edit some parametric values and do it quickly. If that’s possible with OnShape i just don’t know how - i have never used it. I tried it but it never worked well for me.

@Helmi You can move sides and holes in Onshape with the move face command How to import .x_t assembly, and modify a part — Onshape

I will work on this later today.

There is the solidworks files, along with step, x_t, and stl. Hope it is what you were looking for.

I have done the same thing in Onshape

thanks for helping guys, this is highly appreciated. maybe i should look into onshape at a later point but it looks like it only can do the things that Fusion360 can too. But then i’m probably missing its advantages.

@Helmi for moving some features (faces and holes) you can select them, select a direction and distance to be moved. I am sure other tools can do that too, but Onshape being online it means it is a matter of seconds to get it done (once you know the move face icon, of course :slight_smile:

You can see the transformation history on the left pane, so you can see I did it in two steps as I missed one face in the first move face command.