Eric Lien Do you have a config file (Marlin for an X3) for the

@Eclsnowman Do you have a config file (Marlin for an X3) for the Eustathios? I can only find the smoothie one on the github

I have the HercuLien one that should work. You just need to disable the second extruder and change the build volume:

But note it is a really outdated version. My suggestion would be to start with a fresh Marlin download, and edit it. It really only takes a few minutes once you learn the details. Plus it is important to teach yourself the settings and what they do. Look at the YouTube channel of @Thomas_Sanladerer ​​, he recently released an updated video about it. But he also has several versions in the past going over PID tuning, extruder calibration, etc.

Ok, ill just edit it, I will be sure to check the videos! Thanks! P.S. I have 2 extruders, that’s why I went with the X3. (Wish I waited for the GT though)

The X3 will serve you well, Marlin still runs the majority of printers out there. And, you can always upgrade later. A printer is never finished, just varying states of operational :slight_smile: