Eric I need your expertise, hope you can help.

Eric I need your expertise, hope you can help. I have designed a core xy system but I am having trouble with layer shifting and print surface ossicillation at speeds beyond 50mm/s … my system uses two separate belt lengths on different planes … so not a single belt that crosses in the back. I also wonder what should my belt tension should be. Also what are the best tips you could offer to me to help me double check my design. I will post some pictures shortly for review. Thanks very much for any help you or anyone else could provide.


Let’s start with pictures of the design, then pictures of the prints. That will give the group a frame of reference to begin troubleshooting.

You can insert pictures in comments now on G+ so just add them into this thread.

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Thanks Eric for any help you can offer… Just can’t get this to run fast and diagonal moves make a giant racket. I have push the carriage to the rear and loosened everything to get the alignment of the X Axis right but to no avail… I feel like this CORE XY should be killing it… but I am stuck at low speeds. Also what is the easiest way to get my belt tensions uniform between the two belts - I bought one of these deflection belt tensioners but it doesn’t seem to work for long belted systems like CORE XY… Thanks Eric for any help you can offer.

@Eclsnowman Hope these give you enough insight into my project?

My first thoughts for noise is resonance of the large flat panels. That coupled with any misalignment of the side roads causing chatter.

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I could do it, but this weekend is really booked up. Can we do it next week?

In one of your videos you talk about a break in script

Can you link me to that

Eric we have a .012 inch differential on our Y rods front to back. We get the whale sounding noises from our igus bearings a lot and we get a lot of noise when moving in diagonal directions… The x rods are out of whack by about .016 inches… We are running the breaking script and attempting to shim… Any suggestions?

Let me know what day next week works for you, thanks Eric.

Hey Eric can you do a video conference today?!? We are available

@Eclsnowman Hey Eric do you have time to consult we are between a rock and a hard place? I have a short window to fix this issue and have people depending on me. I am very willing to pay you for your time. Me and my two colleagues are stuck on our issue.