ER11 collet tray

I had trouble deciding whether to print or route out this tray that I whipped up in FreeCAD. I tried routing a prototype, and Kiri:moto did exactly what I asked it to—and it was much easier than trying to generate the toolpath in FreeCAD, where I ran out of patience to click enough. However, I decided that making it in white would be easier to read my labels, so I ended up printing this out of white PETG. I have seven nuts, 13 imperial, and 21 metric collets, so arranging it by sevens worked well. I have room for one more imperial collet…

The super-fine sharpie definitely bled into the plastic when I labeled it, so in retrospect maybe routing this out and then painting it white would have been better.

Once I figure out how to number my tools, I’ll probably route out the trays for the tool crib rather than printing.


The labeling of it is a nice touch. I didn’t bother labeling mine. Mine is just of the “if it fits it sits” method. If the endmill fits in the hole it’s the one I use :slight_smile:

It also let me make things a little more compact in the drawer.


Today I discovered that I have one more ¼" collet that was hiding in a corner. That fills out my collect collection nicely.

However, it was in one more nut so now I have a collet nut that doesn’t fit in the tray. I guess if I just say that one belongs on the spindle I’ll be OK. :relaxed: