Epoxy resin 3D Printer

Some time ago, I asked , in g+ diy group, for an industrial grade cnc electronic In order to make a big 3D epoxy resin printer.
Well, the protect is under construction now.
The working area it is about 1800x1200x600 mm. It is not for made at home:rofl:
The electronic cabinets are made, the linear rails are assembled , the dosing unit is ready, and I expect to finish the printer in 1 month.
I will post some photos about this machine when I found the option of add photos what the phone to this forum.
More details coming soon…


What are you talking about, this looks exactly like a home project!

Is there an epoxy that will set fast enough or do you plan on suspending it in some sort of boyancy-balanced bath?

Do you believe this? My room has not enough space to build this machine. And I have not garage.
The epoxy is under development. It is not commercial.

Is it a 2 part epoxy resin? Does it have light hardening qualities? Do you plan on adding something like sawdust to the epoxy to make it so you do not use up the epoxy as fast? Will it use a liquid hardener? What nozzle size?

I was thinking that 1/4 inch nozzle opening for an epoxy sawdust mix should allow for making of chairs with an acceptable strength without clogging the nozzle up. Of course, the nozzle will have to be cleaned between prints to remove residual epoxy. If the sawdust is not mixed with the epoxy, the part could be dusted with sawdust just as easily and the sawdust that is not encased in epoxy could be collected for later use.

The epoxy resin is 2k compound. 1 part is resin and the other is the hardener .
Hardening is induced by chemical reaction after mixing both parts with a static mixer. The viscosity is arround 500.000 mPas. The resin is under development.
May be added, in the future, fiber glass, in order to do the compound more strong.
The nozzle is 1 or 2 cm square. The maximun flow can be arround 2,5 ltrs/min, and the movements of the 4 axis will be 2 mtrs/seg.

If you are thinking in mix sawdust with resin, the bigest problem can be to pump the sawdust at the exact quantity. For the chemical reaction to occur, the 2 compounds have to be dosed at the correct mixing rate. It is very important.

For the cleaning, there are 3 options:
1.- thow away the mixer, after use.
2.- clean the mixer pumpig only the compound A (no rective part)
3.- clean the mixer with solven, and then blow with air.

When the chemical reaction starts, there is an open time, in this time you can clean the mixer and work with it. After this open time, if you did not clean the mixer, it will be block.

If you want to make chairs with sawdust, will be a good idea pre -mix the part A with the sawdust first. For pump this fluid, a screw pump will work well. For the B part, a gear pump will be enough.

Actual state of the proyect.

Wow! This is impressive. I’ve been looking at resin printers and didn’t think about making one. Please keep posting your progress. thank you.