Epoxy Inlays

Just a quick note…I do a lot of epoxy inlays on Baltic Birch plywood and I have struggled with maintaining clean lines on my cutouts. Painter’s tape is not really that helpful without an initial coating of something to seal the grain. I’ve use Polycyric in the past…it’s ok, but not great. You still get some bleed through that follows the grain lines. The answer is spar urethane. Prior to cutting, top coat with spar urethane, let it dry for a couple of days, then use the painters tape. Much improved results.


Very nice! You think the spar urethane just soaks in far enough to seal the grain?

Yep. I don’t know if there’s a capillary effect with epoxy, but my experience tends to support it. Spar urethane seals up those tiny channels in the grain.


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some apply CA or other sealer to the edges of the engraved areas before filling with epoxy.