Engraving stainless steel

Engraving stainless steel

That’s interesting. I wasn’t sure these machines were capable of engraving stainless steel. Thanks for sharing.

Nice what is that white coat ?

With this can :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks for the info man

How does it differ from using spray Moly lube as a marking agent?

Sorry I can’t compare Moly lube because i haven’t used it. But laser scriptor looks pretty good on stainless steel.

Very interesting and i am new to this laser you mean even cheap chinese laser machine will work with additive spray or we need to have metal laser engraving machine?

Anyone have a source for this spray in the USA?

Yes, cheap chinese laser (40w CO2) works well with additive spray. I’m using Brasil brand additive spray:

“Laser scriptor spray metal/black 300ml”

*Brazil :wink:

What rotary can be used for tumblrs with this engraver?