Engraved with CNCweb on the smoothiebrain'ed cbeam machine! Played with inside,

Engraved with CNCweb on the smoothiebrain’ed cbeam machine!
Played with inside, outside and pocket functions. So far so good.
(GF is happy😀)
I’m used to mechanical drawing so it’s strange to work with svg, got a lot to learn :wink:

You can use DXF files, as long as everything is converted to polylines.

Great looking engraving @Maxime_Favre what material is that your using?

Great news on the development front, @Todd_Fleming has joined the team and is bringing his awesome jscut tools to LaserWeb. The CNC CAM will be much better with his contributions. There is a fantastic team in place to further develop LaserWeb.

@Mark_Carew_OpenBuild found some scraps parts at a local DIY store for almost nothing. It’s called Resopal, some kind of black/dark brown resin sandwiched between white sheets.

This is really cool. The http://OpenBuilds.com community would drool all over it. lol

Very nice @Maxime_Favre thanks for the info I want to look into more of this material. Mary is right this would make a great gallery post! :wink: