Endstop open values?

(Rachel Rand) #1

I’ve wired up smoothie before. On my new hypercube I’m getting enabled on xmin, ymin and zmin regardless of config and regardless of whether the endstop is even connected.

What silly thing am I doing wrong?

Otherwise things are good. CoreXY motion works, bed thermistor works

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(Rachel Rand) #2

Additionally, T0 is not reading a temp for the hot end. A DVM measurement is ~100K so the thermistor is alright.

Do I have a DOA board?

(Maurizio Naso_SW) #3

did you check printer endstop status sending a M119 command?
what kind of endstop are you using …mechanical or optical ones?
I was able to get working optical “nc” endstops on my Hypercube evo using this config:
2 min/max endstops on X axis
1 max endstop on Y axis
1 max endstop on Z axis(capacitive probe)

(EagleB3_SW) #4
  1. Publish your config. Completely, or at a minimum, the endstop section (from ## Endstops to # End of endstop config).
  2. Describe in more detail the sensors you use endostop. Attach a link to their description or photo.