Endstop issue and Cartesian config

(phantomoperator_SW) #1

I am seriously frustrated with this X5 Mini. The end stops are refusing to respond. On top of that, apparently I have no clue how to set the right motor speeds, or maybe I do and I just have no clue what settings to change.

The end stops, no matter how I hook them up or change the config file, don’t work. I had them working literally two days ago. I unplugged everything from my board and then plugged everything back in and poof, no end stops and now more slow motors. everything is hyper speed and the motors buzz and freeze. The X and Y end stops are either always on or always off so I cant get anything to home except for the probe. Everything went all wrong for no apparent reason.

If someone could post their config file for a CARTESIAN printer I will be forever grateful because outside of paying someone to do it, there seems to be no good info on how to properly make a config file for a Cartesian printer.

thank you

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