Endstop and inverted images where driving me crazy. Now LW makes more sense.

Endstop and inverted images where driving me crazy. Now LW makes more sense.

The only thing is that it will complicate puting or getting stuff out. Mind that the X profile seems to have the same hole to hole distance than an openbuilds 20x40 so enlarging X seems very easy but need to remove solder joints. Whats the easy way to do that without a powertool?

Did you get a K40 ordered +Peter van der Walt​?

Yep, being down at the bottom like this is going to be a big headache for me too – especially given that I eventually plan on mounting the laser tube to the X carriage when I throw everything into a new frame.

@ThantiK i had to do it since i was getting inverted/mirrored images. Did not happen to me with my other builds not sure why here it does

Yes but inverting the pin made the stepper go in the other direction

O correct but I’m minus an endstoo

yeah thought i read 3 endstops. im hungry

A really novice question if you dont mind… What is the purpose of installing endstops?
Does standard machine not have anything to stop the motor when it hits the end of its rail?

I don’t know the advantages of it so I don’t know if its something that may be able to be benefiting me, if you know what I mean.


@Pippins_McGee What machine do you have? The basic benefit is so the machine always knows where the origin is. So once thats done you simply work on the computer coordinates. Hope its clearer

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Hi Ariel, k40. I noticed some peoples k40s came with those little endstop switch like things but mine did not so I was worried it’s something I should have.

so it is just so you can position your work on the computer at certain coordinates, and the machine is then able to cut from those EXACT coordinates on your material?

without endstops is it just a bit of guesswork as to where exactly on your material its going to start cutting from, right?


@Pippins_McGee ​ add them. They are very cheap and easy to install

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty any guides that you followed to install them and where to purchase from etc?

Post a picture of your board so I can see what you have. Also where are you located?

I can post photo tonight, thanks Ariel.
But I know its an m2 nano board, located sydney, australia.

I have other mods in the mail at the moment, LO air assist, new bed, new lens, adjustable height for bed, lighting.
Just wasn’t sure if endstops would be of benefit to me also.
Being able to precisely cut exact coordinates on material would definitely be a benefit for my future plans.

No need for pictures then. You need something like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018WUP6XA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_DOKwxb3N4M36M