Enclosure for outdoor smart camera

Not smart home electronics but enclosures for same…

My wife loves birds, we have an open aviary in our back yard due to #s of seed being distributed each day.
So I made her an outdoor panning camera enclosure. I found the store bought outdoor cameras to be to expensive.
Anyway my first version of an enclosure that lasted a few years gave up after raccoons pulled the pole over. Yes, raccoons love sunflower seeds. Why they needed to pull over the pole is another story and I long ago lost the challenge of understanding what motivates them.

This is a new version of the enclosure (for my old Dlink panning camera).
Made from an acrylic flower pot found on amazon https://amzn.to/2JM8sjh for a decent price. Note:I also found that 6"+ clear cylinders are also expensive.
The base is made from an old hdpe cutting board and the clips are shelf pins re-purposed! Later I may powder-coat these. Fastening hardware is stainless.
There is a foam seal between the clear enclosure and the base.

I wonder how long these plastic materials will survive the weather here in utah?
For this price <$15 I can build a new one every 5 years.
If this design wears ok I plan to try it with the cheaper Wyze panning cameras.