Enclosure for MKS DLC32 V2.1 and TS24-R V2.0

I got a couple of these DLC32 V2.1 boards the other day and have been bench testing them. One with the 2.4" and one with the 3.5" touchscreens. I whipped up an enclosure for the board and the smaller 2.4" touchscreen in case anybody is interested.


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WOW man! I have one of those sets on the way. I ordered it on the 5`th of dec!!! Grrrr The seller told me they JUST shipped it 2 days ago! I am printing it now!

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I hear you! But package tracking nowadays is like reading tea leaves. Really more interpretation than direct information. :crazy_face:


I’m mostly impressed you were able to successfully load anything to Thingieverse; with it actually appearing in the search index, and all the files being rendered and visible.
… that has not been my experience in the last few months.

They appear to do all post processing in low priority batch and to put about a one hour internal cache in everything, which means that edits don’t show up immediately when you make them. But at least for me they have eventually showed up…

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Heh, funny enough, I have 3 models on Thingiverse, but only 2 of them show up in my models page. They all show up in analytics, but not in my models. Go figure.

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The issues are quite deep:
Consider this: 40x40 laser module air assist nozzle set by Nanocube - Thingiverse
Now try and find it via either my deigns page: Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects
Or the thingieverse search: Search Thingiverse - Thingiverse

I’m not alone in this, I subscribe to the thingieverse support forum on the site and reports of these issues are legion; meanwhile there has not been a single post from a site admin/rep in that forum for years. Not even when the password breach hit.

Another recent issue is the ‘Download All’ button, give it a try…
Nope; they will no longer serve you a zip file, just a link to the downloads list, you have to download them one by one.

The site is dying, database corruptions show up in weird places, they are responding to problems (like bandwidth being used by robots downloading zips) by disabling features and adding badly-configured caches, rather than fixing stuff and banning bots. The only thing that did get implemented properly was the adverts.

And it’s depressing since once it fades away something of great value will have been lost.

  • A cynical side of me says that this is a ploy to get Prusa/Microsoft/Someone to make them a good offer.

[just re-read this, it’s a rant. Maybe best in a seperate thread]


Huh. Not serving zip must be new. And I had thought that I had uploaded more designs than they showed on my designs page, maybe I was right!


As far as I can tell, yeggi is how you search thingiverse… I quit trying to search directly on thingiverse so long ago that I kind of forgot it was supposed to be a feature of the platform.

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And holy heck they are already here!

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Make sure you flash the latest firmware on it. There have been a lot of fixes over the past couple months.

I dunno, It’s supposed to have laser software on it and if it works as it should I will heave it the heck alone. As I would not like to screw it up. But will keep the loop and everyone in it!

A few of my extrusions for the expansion have come. There was some damage because 1kg aluminum bar plus gravity and 3 pieces of plastic a 1 layer of bubble wrap = bent ends on my precision extrusion because postal employee with the butter instead of fingers happens to drop it. Also both pieces came damaged. Is it so hard to not destroy peoples property?

At least it’s on the very end. Are they still straight?

Yes they are thank goodness, I suppose. I also plan to run on different rails then any of the bent ones. I will still hassle the seller so they improve their packaging though.

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