Eleksmaker A3 Pro Help re setting it up

Good Day

I have been using an Eleksmaker A3 Pro for Ages, a year ago I put it away to do renovations on my workspace and have just finished them.

In this time I have had to purchase a new computer, So I have lost all my software and settings I used with my Eleksmaker A3 Pro

Not for the life of me can I recall the name of the software I used to do the engraving.

I suspect it was Laser Web but not 100% sure. I do recall when opening the picture was an old type of block diagram robot. Again, I can’t guarantee I am right. I did buy a license for this I am sure and had excellent email support.

Having now downloaded Laser Web, I am totally clueless as how to go about setting up the Eleksmaker A3 Pro and using it. I looked on the Eleksmaker A3 Pro web site, but it looks like everything for this engraver is no longer available

I would be grateful if anyone has this machine or used this machine and can guide me in getting going again.

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If you had to pay for a license for software you downloaded I hope it wasn’t LaserWeb because that is Free, Open Source software.

You might have purchased a license for Lightburn?

I cant recal the name of the software so basically I am starting a fresh