Electronics tray for the Eustathios I should be finishing up this weekend.

Electronics tray for the Eustathios I should be finishing up this weekend. MAN steppers take a long time to get to the states via China Post. But that’s OK. I got to spend more time modeling little tweaks like this.

Very nice.

Care to share? I’m using the exact same electronics on my build, and would love to save the time…

@Anthony_White sure. What format. Its syncing right now to the github as a Solidworks 2014. But I could do whatever format you want.

Solidworks 2014:


@Eric_LeFort thanks.

Thanks - Having it SW native is definitely best. I’ll share when I have mine setup!

@Anthony_White great. If it’s like some of the other posts I have seen you make I am sure your design files will be much cleaner than mine. I am self trained on Solidworks and basically learn as I go.

Jesus - that’s a HUGE / good print - what material? didn’t lift / warp?

@Jarred_Baines it is Abs from from pushplastics. Printed onto glass covered in kapton with some glue stick on it. I have a full enclosure on my printer which helps. Other than some stringing I am pretty happy. No lift, but I used a brim and added the lighteners. This limits the shrink that tends to pull long flat surfaces off the build plate… And it saved filament.

@Eclsnowman What os is the raspbery Pi running OctoPrint or any other custom os??

Octoprint SD image (based on raspian) updated to devel branch.

I thought so. octoprint is a good way to add wifi and lan conncetivity to a 3dprinter or cnc…