Electrical shielding with aluminum tape

(Andrew Spurgeon) #1

(Andrew Spurgeon) #2

ShapeOko3 stopping mid-job (common issue for some). Proven to the router (Makita) and now trying a shield of Aluminium tape over control board,USB and Y-Stepper cables to stop them acting as Ariel. Also joined X, Y, Z metal (see white wire) as they aren’t electrically connected…and then grounded all to earth.

(Frank Graffagnino) #3

Is it going into alarm as if a limit was hit?

(Andrew Spurgeon) #4

Not sure I understand the question? It’s basically shielding the ShapeOko and earthing to ground.

(John Anderson) #5

I have this problem with my Shapeoko 1. I find it happens far more frequently when I use dust collection, which I believe causes a build up of static electricity. I once witnessed the machine stop when a spark jumped from the spindle to the PVC dust collection duct.

(Frank Graffagnino) #6

there are issues with static electricity when using PVC for dust collection… my dust deputy came with some metal tape to try and ground it out, although I never put it on.