Education in Licences

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The most of who I know click “Accept” never reading.
Many of us purchase from China stuff which “others” claim to be “stolen” by China.
For the purity of our common open hardware developments I ask for a list of what is “honest” to use, including when it is “Chinese”. By the way so many have no problem spreading they bought Chineese LCD, etc. I’m really needing education in this matter.
The efforts I beg for in this post is not sending us to links or copy/paste licenses: brief in two lines straight (take off common wording of no responsibility, please).

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #2

I don’t clearly understand what is being asked here?

(Anthony Bolgar) #3

I think he is asking for links to hardware/software that are Open source AND not pirated for developing an OpenSource project. MKS comes to mind as one to stay away from as they cloned the Smoothieboard, but do not follow the opensource guidelines or even give credit to Arthur and the boys for the design.

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(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #4

Ah yes MKS is very annoying to support because there is minimal technical info as a result of them not playing fair.

Should there be a category of “non compliant open source” technology or is that to litigious?

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@donkjr I’d appreciate a pinned post with links and comments of what is correct to use for OpenSource projects. I do not want anybody to get angry by not following good rules and it is difficult for me to find the time reseatching all in the internet.

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For example I want to know if I violate the good rules when I purchase OpenBuilds profiles from or when I buy OpenBuilds wheels from AliExpress?
I am in Germany and when I buoght from USA the originals I had to pay customs taxes.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #7

You have a good idea but lots of maintenance to keep a list fresh and there are always related discussions.

As I am writing this I wondered if a register is kept for knowing this kind of stuff and I found: