Editing forked JS code - console question

(Grant Le Sueur) #1

Hi John.

Is it possible for one to use the chrome developer console to monitor console.log messages at runtime?

what methods do you use to monitor console.log message or add break points in the code to see what is is contained in variable and returned by functions.

I must be doing something a bit wrong or overlooking the obvious.



When you are in production on chilipeppr.com the console.log is sent to /dev/null for speed. However, in the upper right corner pulldown you can turn back on logging in case you want to see it.

When you’re developing on your local workstation or Cloud9 the console.log() works as normal.

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(Grant Le Sueur) #3

Thank you John and now all is revealed. This super touch plate widget is now almost done.

There was a fault in the code where the WCS command was not working properly on G54.and up.

Now I can probe in both +ve and -ve directions on the x-y.

And from there I can add a hole center finding function.