Ebay seller selling Free K40 Whisperer

This fool is selling your work @Scorch


That has been there a while. They sell a few GPL applications. Technically selling media with GPL applications is allowed.

They are a bit sleezy about it because they do not call K40 Whisperer by name. Not listing the name makes it hard for the buyer to compare prices if they don’t know the name of the program ahead of time.

@funinthefalls you might consider deleting the link in your post (you could replace it with a picture). You may unwittingly give the seller some business. :wink:


@Scorch Well, the seller has done you the dubioius favor of finding a market price. You could always undercut him and sell media for slightly less! :wink: :rofl:

(Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all week. Try the veal!)

That is messed up, anytime someone does something nice for the community, there is someone (probably 100s of people) who exploits it.

Since you deleted the link and posted just a picture, how much is he selling it for? I want to make sure I did not pay too much!


$20 was what I saw

I replaced the link with an image. Good idea you had. :slight_smile: