Early reviews of  are very positive! Originally shared by Shae Erisson (shapr) First evening's

Early reviews of #BeagleBoneBlack are very positive!

Originally shared by Shae Erisson (shapr)

First evening’s impression of the #BeagleBoneBlack :
The B3 includes 2GB of built-in storage. I saw a youtube video that claimed that led to doing useful things in less time than with the Raspberry Pi, and I am convinced.
I plugged first the Ethernet and then the USB cable into my laptop, and the B3 booted up, my laptop mounted the USB mass storage device, and I was immediately presented with START.HTM
Clicking on that pops up a document with a link to the B3’s internal webserver. That leads to an ‘active’ copy of that same start page, with BoneScript (Node.js running JavaScript) embedded in the page that lets me set the on or off values of the four bright LEDs.
So, I was able to get started in about ten minutes.
In contrast, blinking an LED on my msp430 boards usually takes me two hours if I haven’t done it recently.

Outstanding B3 question: Can I use the four pin header (TP5,6,7,TP8) to charge LiPo batteries?