DXF file scale

I have been trying to read a DXF which was exported from PCB CAD (gerber data).
However, if a DXF file exported with some CAD software is read with k40 whisperer, the scale will increase.

I attached two files.
One is a file (fine.dxf) that can be read at the scale I expected.
The other incorrect.dxf is a file that will grow in scale.

How can I read incorrect.dxf with K40 like fine.dxf?



Thank you for your consideration.

I opened the DXF files you linked in Autodesk’s DWG TRUEVIEW and in K40 Whisperer. The dimensions that I measure in DWG TRUEVIEW match the dimensions displayed in the bottom of the K40 Whisperer main window after opening the files in K40 Whisperer.

This indicates that K40 Whiserer is interpreting the dimensions in the file correctly. DWG TRUEVIEW is free software from autodesk so you can try it yourself.
(Autodesk created the DXF format so I expect their software is interpreting the file correctly.)


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