Dustin Penner  reached out to me as he just got his new Shapeoko and

@Dustin_Penner reached out to me as he just got his new Shapeoko and TinyG and wanted some help figuring out ChiliPeppr on his Mac OS X laptop.

Originally shared by John Lauer

A full, from scratch, setup and walk through of getting your Shapeoko going with your TinyG and ChiliPeppr.

“Woodworker with child like computer skills sets up his tinyG” Thanks again for your time. I got my wife out of bed to show her everything afterwards and, although impressed, she figures I have a man crush on you.

That’s hilarious. Ok, now you need to get her to help shoot the video of your first milling job with ChiliPeppr so we can all see the results!

I’m a bit jealous of the setup support. I didn’t see the link to this on the github page, so instead I banged my head against a keyboard until SPJS magically compiled on os x… At least it compiled;)

Of course ironically I realized afterwards that what I really wanted to do was setup SPJS on my windows xp box that I keep around strictly for running my Shapeoko2/tinyG.

Fortunately I found the download link in the Chillipeppr workspace.

But I have to say it was pretty difficult to figure out at first, and I program lightly in C++, and have done a decent amount of propeller head work on both windows and os X. This was namely because of poor documentation on the Github wikipage, which is where I was directed to for Chillipeppr. When in reality it seems like going straight to the workspace is a much better option to understand what you need to do to get things done, and where to go to get pre-compiled versions of SPJS. Which was a HUGE hurdle for the OSX compile.

Anyhow, I successfully am running SPJS on my windows xp box which is physically connected to my TinyG / Shapeoko 2 setup. But when I connect to it in the workspace it complains that it can’t find any serial ports. I’ve gone to the windows xp box and verified that I can connect via TGFX, and I am indeed seeing my TinyG com port listed on the xp box, but not from the Chillipeppr workspace I am trying to access from my OS X 10.9 iMac using chrome.

I am assuming there is a setting I am missing on the XP box that would allow outside connections sufficient privileges, but am not really sure where to go from here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can I also say that Chillipeppr seems AMAZING? You want my first born child or something? Thank you so much for developing this!

@Andrew_Jorgensen_Rid try out the new v1.74 of SPJS to see if it solves your serial port list problem. It attempts a fallback if your plug and play list isn’t there, which happens in WinXP. http://chilipeppr.com/downloads/v1.74/

The goal is to have precompiled binaries for Mac at some point so folks don’t have to go through the pain of compiling. I wish there was ZERO dependency on a local compiled app but such is life. At least 95% of the functionality of ChiliPeppr is in the browser.

Thanks for the kudos btw. Of course other folks have helped so it is a community effort to get ChiliPeppr to where it’s at. @Riley_Porter_ril3y @Alden_Hart1 and @Jarret_Luft get special credit.

I can compile osx bins I am set up for it now just let me know.

I will give the 1.74 a try.

Also kudos to all this all stars involved.

That was all it took. Now happily hiding behind my iMac’s Chillipeppr interface to avoid ever having to do anything but hit the power button on the old rusty xp box.

I’ve been having some serious fun with my Shapeoko 2 running on Chilipeppr the past few days. Ive got some video of my first cuts and once i have some free time i’ll edit it down and post it. Im running 1.72 right now, how would I upgrade to 1.74?

Because I’m not really sure where to post questions like this, i’ll post it here again.

Ran my first auto leveled PCB job today and my buffer kept dropping down to the minimum of 3 and the SPJS connection would get dropped. I have multi line send turned on, and pre qued lines set up.

When I try to reconnect sometimes it continues on it’s merry way. Other times I have to flush the que, set a new start point etc…

What am I doing wrong? My machine is definitely more capable than a raspberry pi. So I am assuming it’s not a hardware issue. Or memory issue.

Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

Here’s my best guess. How many lines of Gcode do you have total? SPJS currently maxes out at 25,000 lines. So getting a dropped SPJS connection could mean you consumed all buffer lines and then it creates non-stop threads which chew up all available threads on your SPJS computer. This is a bug I need to fix, but most folks don’t see it because they don’t have that many lines. If you send your lines slower, i.e. don’t pre-queue anything, then you can balance out how many lines you buffer up with how fast they get sent to the CNC.

If you have less than 25k lines in your Gcode, then I don’t quite have a theory yet to what is going wrong.

Looks like I’m in mystery trouble-shooting mode. The file had around 5k. Perhaps I didn’t have my multi-line line sends set right… I’ll have to do some test air runs and see what happens when I change some of the variables in the gcode send widget.

You sure you connected to your CNC controller with “tinyg” in the dropdown menu in the Serial Port widget?

Yes. I’ll double check though.

So it was indeed set to “tinyg” in the dropdown menu in the serial port widget. I had multi-line mode turned on and set at 25 lines. I have it set to Pre-upload 100 lines at a time, and I gave it a 20ms delay.

Perhaps I didn’t Pre-upload enough lines, and it kept on outpacing my connection speed / buffer.

Can you try setting the delay to 1000ms (1 second). With 25 lines at a time 1 sec delay should be fine.

Yeah. Running air cut tests right now.

Turning off Pre-Uploading (Xnumber) of lines into buffer did the trick. my settings are all default, except I changed the Multi_line Upload mode to 100 instead of 50. I tested with an air cut at very fast feeds and it performed flawlessly. If you want anymore info, let me know. Thanks for your help again.