duel X axis

(Tony Tanner_SW) #1

So, on my current printer build I am going to have two independent print heads on the x axis. They will share the Y and Z. I have been unable to find any support for this in the documentation. Is there a way to get smoothie to do this? I really hope I don’t have to look at other controllers for this feature.

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

You should be able to do it using a derivation of this method : http://smoothieware.org/switch#homing-a-multi-motor-axis

(Tony Tanner_SW) #3

Thanks for the response.
I see how I can switch between the two X-motors with a gcode switch. What I am having trouble figuring out is how smoothie can handle the positioning after switching. The simple thought is to home the axis after each switch, but the first carriage must be homed to MIN and the second to MAX. Is there a way to tell smoothie to change from home-to-min to home-to-max via a gcode command?

(Arthur Wolf) #4

Ah no that’s not a use case we’ve seen before, that would require adding a M-code for this in the code.

(Tony Tanner_SW) #5

Ok thanks. I have not yet looked very deeply into the firmware organization for smoothie. Could you point me towards which modules/files that would require modification to support automatically using the X-motor relative to the active tool head? I do have a lot of development experience so I should be able to make the modifications without issue.

(Arthur Wolf) #6

I think you want to look at endstops.cpp, and find a way to add a M-code that changes home to min and home to max live.

(Ramazan Peker_SW) #7

Hi, did you find out a way to implement 2 X carriages to one axes?