Due to multiple recent events, where my CC-BY-NC-SA designs appeared on Shapeways,

Due to multiple recent events, where my CC-BY-NC-SA designs appeared on Shapeways, I’m thinking of using the STL header to embed a short copyright notice.

Did anyone already do this before?
Is there a good alternative?
Maybe a copyright notice engraved into the design but too
small to show up in prints?

Wow, I wonder if there should be a requirement upon a company like shapeways to verify the models are owned by the submitter. There are always going to be randoms willing to try this kind of theft, but it shouldn’t be that hard for a due diligence check. Working for a financial services company I can tell you that you can’t just take investment from anyone that shows up with money. There are required anti-money laundering checks etc.

Putting a copy right causes you problems if your claim is a bit grey.
But I’d go for it then if shapeways uses it youve a legal case.

Shapeways follows a DMCA takedown notice and that’s it for them.
My problem is the part that comes AFTER the takedown.

There’s no cheap, fast or simple track to solve International, interlectual property lawsuits. Even for simple or small claims cases.

This is just a proposed meassure to make proving that a design was copied simple. If the copied design still has your header, it is a copy.

But if they use the design with your copyright you are entitled to reimbursement.
Or you could just get the press on the case and give them bad press…that normally gets them to change their acceptance terms

Being entitled to something on a different continent, in a different jurisdiction and getting it are 2 different things.
Let’s keep to the topic or metadata in design files.