Dual extrusion, tool changer ? Someone made this?

Hi there, it’s been a long time :wink:

My printer is still rocking but I’m looking for dual extrusion, triple maybe.
I read many things:

  • MMU and Palette seems to work but waste a lot of material
  • Single nozzle with multiple inputs looks an endless retraction tuning
  • Fixed multi-nozzle have oozing problems and scratch the surface
  • Selectable multi-nozzle (like taz pro: https://www.lulzbot.com/store/printers/lulzbot-taz-pro looking good but moving more weight XY.
  • Tool changer, less moving weight, mechanical challenge

I’m tempted to go with the tool changer but I found this:

Something similar could be done on the eustathios. The weight is still there but only in Y.
I’m not interested in high speed prints, I prefer slower but nicer prints (usually 60-80mm/s).

Has anyone done something with dual extrusion which works and give consistent results ? Any recommendations ?


Someone did one for the ultimaker back in the day. I think this Is it, but I am looking at it on mobile.


I started working on this.
The new E3d hermes might be an option too.

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