Drv8825 z stepper motor controller failing. I have had 3 recently go bad.

Drv8825 z stepper motor controller failing. I have had 3 recently go bad. What would be the most common causes? The original one lasted two years.

Are you running it too hard? Are your supply rails decent? Heatsink? Chuck us a clue.

Do you adjust the current to the motor. Or if they from same supplier maybe a bad batch.

I have the voltage at 1.6, which is the same as the original one

Could it be a motor going bad or the ramps board

1.6v is a bit high for a 12v supply I believe. 1.2v is the most I’d run.

How are you cooling them, do you have heatsinks on chips/board to help keep them cool? Thermal stress (trying to suddenly dissipate lots of heat, which if you have high current settings is a definite thing) or thermal cycling can cause poor solder joints to fracture. Active cooling (fan) is a must for this stuff.

I do have a fan

The z will not move unless I tune it to 1.6v. Was thinking of getting the larger nema motors. Would that allow me
to lower the volts?

Is it possible your z axis is binding somewhere? This might cause it to overheat and burn up. Also it could be why it’s requiring 1.6 just to move.

Yesthat is a possibility. Working on it

I had a problem on my extruder some time ago where the connector was intermittent. This caused a weird whistling from the motor and the driver started to heat up. Check your connections and your motor windings too.

@Duncan_Gunn now that you mention it i had a similar problem with a x axis motor last year i ended up replacing the motor and it went away, now i wonder if it was just a bad connection? i still have the motor ill have to test it .