Driver for ruida cards

(Patxi Larumbe) #1

Hello we are a Spanish startup that we manufacture laser cutting machines and we need to know if you can help us in the following:

we need to make the free softwrae laser web send files that run on the RUIDA card we do not know if a specific driver should be programmed or how to do it.
it is possible?

Thank you.

(Claudio Prezzi) #2

As far as I know, Ruida controllers don’t accept gcode, they use a proprietary language/format. The LaserWeb CAM is generating gcode in two different styles (default or marlin).

The optimal way to implement ruida support would be to integrate a third “code generator” and extend the server with ruida specific communication.

Another option could be to implement a gcode to ruida code converter in lw-comm-server.