Drive shaft coupler/adapter needed

Hello, I have a Quantum MOT154323-01 electric wheelchair motor with a gear box attached. the connection between the motor and the gearbox has a ABS plastic coupler. I want to attach a belt pully to it and have never come across this shaped drive shaft. does anyone know what this is called. ie slotted or T-shape? someone making robots has to have come across this.
thanks in advance for any advise the shaft diam. is 12mm and the slot is 4mm wide

I am not positive what it is called perhaps a form of OLDHAM coupler.

Usually when I am looking for something like this I start at “Stock Drive
Also here: Oldham Coupling Bundle | Ruland


Yeah, I think it’s for a Oldham disk coupler

Found this through random googling. But now googling “tang coupling” isn’t coming up with much else (note: pic shows wrong end).

Also this on a motor:

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OMG! I love that site. thank you for the help. It definitely looks like it could be an oldham style. Or perhaps a tang type shaft. as @TwelveFoot found.

I have been trying to find info on the motor itself but it is somewhat elusive. I think it’s made and sold as one unit (the motor and gearbox) and it may very well be proprietary. Its is a very well built unit. there is zero slop in the mech. the gearing is very precise. It adds some amps but it is smooth, lol. I tested it without the gearbox and at 12v the motor draws 1.54 amps with the gearbox it’s at 4.5 with no load.
I was going to use the motor for a series of small desktop size tool builds similar to the ones at GreenSaw due to the fact that its a very quiet motor and the way that “Tang” or Oldham" connection would make for an easy swap in/out for the different tools. I may have to come up with my own adapter, similar to the one shown in my first post.