Drill and press.....

Drill and press… #PrestaAdapterGear

Is there any way to measure and document the pattern of the flint that works best

Now only need print correct size saint and try . I’m try to make it hot and enlarge it but without successes fast drill with 5 mm bit no enlarge to much and fit it with bench vice.

Glenn method are using it or with traction test.

@Mauro_Manco can you do a macro photo of a working flint, showing me the pattern of it close up. I want to try to create a equivelent. Just need to see a working partner, and have outer dimensions and Im good. I’ve tried, but this needs a good macro lens to be able to see the pattern.

i tag you in one best macro photo i just take some time ago but today if return at decent time from work i make one with better camera

When u take it can u put a mm marked ruler underneath

@Michael_Memeteau one question for you this have external diameter 9.5 i see datasheet of mk8 and feel saint mk8 are compatible with with it…can confim it?

That would be interesting. Does a mk8 work as good as a flint? If the flint works better then it’s the surface pattern

@Mauro_Manco Maybe try to put your stepper in the freezer (in a ziplock bag to avoid condensation). Using too high mechanical force can’t be good for bearings…

Difference too much Michael 5.1 stepper and 4.7 Presta adapter. fast drill with dot 5 not make any issue and hard support on stepper. (surely for remove need kill myself but hope work as i think) can confirm mk8 version on nema 17 possible work with this diameter? i need learn onshape/solidworks :frowning:

Come to Lisbon tonight, I’m making a Onshape Meetup! :slight_smile:
MK8 version was done with a 10.68 OD diameter in mind. If, for any reason, it doesn’t work as intended, let me know.

It’s so easy to change with Onshape. Take a look here:

…spettacular tx for video…add on youmagine!!! pefect for all!
wow. where button +1000?

Just wanted to let you know that for the current default public version if you edit the diameter for the friction wheel the rest of the sketch does not change, so the relationships must be broken. I had to search for “saintflint” in OnShape and then select Versions from the dropdown on the right and open the 11-42-175-608 file in order for it to update the rest of the sketch when editing the friction wheel diameter.

This one looks like an old version though. Can you fix the relationships in the latest version if it’s not too much trouble?

I love this extruder design by the way, great job guys! =) I’ll begin testing this out soon. I’m going to design a floating/hanging mount for delta printers with a very short bowden tube for awesome retracts! :wink:

@Neil_MacDonald Hi Neil! You’re totally right… It’s only lately that I’ve corrected this inheritance. I wasn’t planning having so many people interested in this this at the first place nor I thought it would get such a warm reception. My problem now lays in the fact that there is so many options available and so of which are quite different from the base that it would take me a while to correct everything. The version you found isn’t that old and I corrected it yesterday for @Mauro_Manco to be able to adapt it to its RC gear. Does is serve for you? If not, let me know which is the most appropriate and i’ll do it.
I already did a bracket for suspending a NEMA17 on a delta. Nothing fancy, but it serves the purpose. You can always improve it I guess. It there:
Keep me informed… :wink:

Michael your stl for my “gear” are un-spitable and link https://goo.gl/ESpfDw no modificable as in your video.

for me no warry for me but I feel if you publish a stable version we no push you too much :slight_smile: #saintflint with #doubleforce technology have success :slight_smile:

You can use meshmixer or cura to split the stl… I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Well, that was quick… It’s already corrected in the model you mentioned. Thanks for the feedback.

Cura no split saint ring :frowning: …meshmixer i tired but remember nothing…sorry test it in background of brain and pc…try again now …need sleep are 3 day no see house :slight_smile: