Dremel 3D keeps cutting the tips off of my support material on some of

Dremel 3D keeps cutting the tips off of my support material on some of my prints when I convert it to its proprietary version of support material.
I cant figure out why it does this.

I load the .stl’s into meshmixer, then generate support material and send them to Dremel 3D which slices them into my machines proprietary format.

Do the other more common gcode converters have this problem? Are there any tricks to avoiding this issue? More specifically, does simplify3D have this issue?


If you export a STL of the model with support, from Meshmixer, do the tips look okay? What I mean is, have you verified that it’s the slicer that messes it up and not your Meshmixer?

What slicer are you using with Dremel 3D?

If you upload the said STL with supports I can try it out in Simplify3D tonight. You can also check it out in the latest Slic3r.

Meshmixer has a real bad problem with those supports generating some really bad geometry (flipped faces, clipped structures) - Run your part through netfabb part repair and try slicing again. Additionally, the slicer that the Dremel is using might have their line width set really high so it’s determining that a little dot of filament wouldn’t fit in the space provided. You can thicken the tips of the support material to help solve that problem. (If that is indeed what’s causing it)

@korpx I’m not able to share the file for business reasons, but yes it looks fine when I first load it into the Dremel 3D software. Which is also the software that handles the slicing. It converts it to that proprietary .g3drem file. Simplify3D is the only other software that supports that format, that’s why I was asking.

@ThantiK yeah, I had to manually add in helper disks as columns to act as the tips. They still got shredded during slicing, but there was enough there to get the job done.

@Robert_Gorman_GoGoCh maybe you could make a test object with the same problems. Anyway, honk if you have something you want me to try in Simplify3D.

@korpx actually, I have another project I’ve been trying to make work. But I’m having numerous problems and my inexperience is making it incredibly difficult. It would be great to see if simplify 3D could handle it. What’s your build area?

It’s a mask in several parts, but they are very thin, so you shouldn’t have to use much filament.

If interested, I’ll send a link to it and some scaling info.

I don’t think I have to print it. Simplify3D will show the problems in the gcode visualizer.

@korpx oh, well it’s the plague doctor mask on http://myminifactory.com. I can’t print the thing as it refuses to adhear to the platform no matter what i try and the damn support material keeps breaking on projects like this. Also the support material in meshmixer pokes holes in the mask!

Meshmixer has settings in the support structure window to control the tip size. I have seen this before where if you are printing with a .4mm nozzle and the tip size is set to something smaller than that like .2) then the slicer just disregards that part of the support structure since it cannot extrude something that small…maybe that is happening? Make sure that MM has the right minimum size to match your nozzle size.

@HoneyPoint3D_3D_CAD I was figuring that was the problem… I’ll try that on my next print.