Dream Making and the Shears of Destiny

(Ned Hill) #1

Dream Making - The crafting of an idea / object while a maker is in an unconscious dream state.

I am sure that, at some point, all makers encounter an episode(s) of dream making where an subconscious idea suddenly manifests itself made whole while dreaming. This post details such a dream and the resulting object made real.

My dream started by me standing in front of my laser and cursing the fact that I could not find my scissors. Now, my working space set up around the laser has an organizer on the left side of the machine for various items which nominally include a space for a pair of scissors. I am right handed so it sometimes happens that the scissors do not make it back to the organiser and will get lost in some clutter around the machine. While it was not a big issue to me, my subconscious apparently was getting tired of the occasional rants and booted up a dream to solve the problem.

In my dream I stated that it was my destiny to solve the problem, so hence the Scissors or rather Shears of Destiny project was born.

I remember vividly going through several design iterations before settling on the object shown just before I woke up. The overall design that I dreamed held up surprisingly well with only a few minor tweaks. It’s constructed from 3mm and 6mm ply. The middle section is composed of 2 layers of 6mm and 1 layer of 3mm to get enough width for the bottom part of the scissors handle. The outer sides are then 3mm. I embed magnets on the side that would be toward the laser since I am mounting it on the right side, for easy return of the scissors, but could also be moveable.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #2

I do the same most every night. I thought it was just my weirdness!

I have treated sleep apnea so my sleep efficiency is more than 10x better than the normal human. That’s another story!

Yes I monitor it every night!

Since I have been on the CPAP I have this; what according to others is creepy, ability to work through design iterations in my sleep and remember them the next morning. I can see all the woodworking, wood turning, C# and gcode in the context of an idea … oh ya in full color!

One example is the

temp alarm

I literally “dreamed up” one night.

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(Ned Hill) #3

Wow! I wish I could be that productive while dreaming all the time :smiley:

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #4

Nice sheath btw I hope the magnets don’t distort the laser beam.
If that project went bad your next dream would have been of SHEAR terror!

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Before joining this forum I did not know about you @Nedman, but me and my wife in separate bought those https://www.bueromarkt-ag.de/schere_fiskars_cuts_plus_more_23_cm,p-1000809,l-google-prd,pd-b2c.html
Me and her are Russian speaking and was funny to read Russian words on one of your bottle openers on G+
We had a similar hurricane in Melle/Germany which destroyed all of our forest so we have feeling looking at your related photos.
Let us all (as I see almost grandfathers) keep good challenges and concur !

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