Drawable UI monitoring machine status

Drawable UI monitoring machine status

I quite like this drawable UI. I feel like it could be good for businesses that make laser cutters & bundle with LW. E.g. Emblaser etc. They could then make the UI custom to their style etc

How far can we take this? Perhaps this could be the “easy mode” that quite a few users need.

Right now I only plan to do machine control with it; no CAM. It will be able to load gcode files.

  • A small version with few controls and indicators will replace the existing control tab.
  • A large version with a more complete set will appear in a new control tab. This tab will take over the entire display, hiding the 3D view.
  • There will also be a standalone version.
  • All will have a configurable URL to load in custom displays. Users can post their creations online.

Cool stuff. The standalone version (embeded into the server) could be the way to go for touch devices.