Dragon Claw Clock

Long time woodworker and crafter but new to this forum. First post. Hope you like. Love to make clocks. This was gifted to my brother in law. Have to make another one soon. Custom cnc patterns.


That’s beautiful! Welcome to Maker Forums and thanks for sharing your work. Looking forward to seeing more! :relaxed:

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That is really beautiful work! I cannot wait to see more of your work.

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Awesome and welcome, what kind of wood and finish?
What is the significance of the claw placement on the clock?

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Thanks all. The lumber is maple and mahogany. The claw was a distinctive design feature. The clock is an evolution from an earlier clock (below). They are mirrored between the two clocks so it would look like one dragon holding both clocks.

I’ve made a bunch of clocks but I only have two left that I own in my home so need to start designing another one. Gave away the rest as gifts.


I concur, beautiful work and welcome to the forum. :smiley: