Dots in an engraving

I’ll throw this into this category for lack of a better guess, not sure if it’s hardware or software related.

I converted this logo to a vector and ran a test burn today. If you zoom in on the photo, you can see the “dots” in nearly every line. Seems to me they’re at the beginning or end of the travel.

I’m using Lightburn as my laser control software, and worked on the vector in Vectric Pro as I’m not proficient in Inkscape yet.

Make sure you do not have tabs enabled. That is what it looks like to me.

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Thanks Anthony, that might do the trick. I was in beginner mode and didn’t realize they were being added automatically. I cleared them and will try a test burn as soon as I replace my cathode wire onto the tube. Not sure how that managed to work itself loose, but so it did.