Don's smart home

So far I have not had to do any coding.
I figured by the time I completed a MQTT based roll-your-own system Google would have this all figured out and the cost per node would drop like a rock out of china;

I have these nodes all accessible from apps and voice, local and remote:

  • Front porch and walkway timed light
  • Kitchen video smart display (Lenovo)
  • Google home devices in bedroom and shop
  • 1st floor room lights and sockets with routines
  • Outside lights
  • Security system (nest)
  • In home temperature and humidity monitor
  • Wyze & old Dlink Cameras
  • Orbit sprinkler control

In que to install:

  • Ceiling fan controls
  • Shelly 1 wifi relays modules as add-in to existing wall switches

Working on building:

  • Roller shade controls [very expensive to buy completed] investigating china made roller motors and some form of Sonoff control.


  • Garage door controls
  • Hot tub monitor
  • More outdoor cameras

Vendors used

  • Moes (3 way switches)
  • Sonoff
  • Merkury bulb (wall mart)
  • Shelly (Allterco)
  • Orbit
  • Lenovo


  • Seems like every device manufacture has their own app. uggh!
  • China manufactures are starting to settle on Smart Things, eWelink or Tuya Smart
  • Some manufactures rename the same app and service, you can easily end up installing two of the same service and get duplicate devices under Google Home.
  • Vendor finger pointing. Google support is “OK” but when non google devices do not work its hard to get someone to own up.
  • Non Google video cameras not integrated into Google Home yet (controlling Wyze cameras with IFTTT and geo-fences)