Done the TinyG upgrade to my 3040 like Jon Lauer however Y axis now

Done the TinyG upgrade to my 3040 like Jon Lauer however Y axis now has this.
Swapped connection leads and it moves fine so it is the cable I just do not know what part. TinyG screw terminals, Round Connector solder, 4 pin Snap or inside the motor.
Is it wired wrong or is it just one of connection being bad?

I should add I have now tested everything and tracked it to the mid section cable but bypassing it the problem persists too. I’ve got brand new NEMA23 motors also and they also do this when connected also. It must be setup rather than connection but the setup is the same for all motors so I’m out of ideas.

One of my motors has been wired differently and I swapped wires too. It is always good to verify wiring with a multimeter, as Chinese often do tricky things.
Check also the connector and make sure all 4 motor wires have good contact, otherwise motor won’t move smoothly and you will have some unwanted sounds.

well when i swap the full cable over with another axis it works fine so it is the actual cable connection I just don’t know if they are bad connections or just in the wrong order.
I’ll get the multimeter out.

Ok so X works fine (as far as I can tell currently) but Y does the above.
Swapped X and Y full cables. Problem swaps.
Swapped stepper motors only. Problem the same.
Swap connection cable (bit from controller box round connector to stepper four pin). Problem swaps.
Aha!!! It’s that cable. Swap to other motors to confirm. Bingo that is the monkey wrench or is it?

Took off the cable checked the resistance and continuity on and lines. 0.01ohm for all. Checked the Z axis as it is the longest. 0.02ohm. Neither has any shorts. So a wire three times the length is pretty much the same resistance. That would mean the wire is in pretty good shape or to put it another way has no problem.

So where do I go from here?

Put in a known good cable and replace it. Just because it ohms out doesn’t mean it can handle the current of the motor. Only a load test will tell the true story.