Doing some engrave tests with LW this morning.

Doing some engrave tests with LW this morning. I’ve been playing with different settings for the White/Black to see whether I can get different results for the greyscale. What I’ve noticed is that it all looks the same (from 10% to 100% black) but there is actually a noticeable difference in the depth of engrave.

So my best results (this morning) seem to be happening with 800 white, 700 black, 6mA, 0.1 spot size. I think I’ve still got more tweaking to play around with to get it how I would like.

Laserweb GCODE reports for the engrave of the skull.
; Raster:
; Laser Min: 0%
; Laser Max: 100%
; Black Speed: 42000mm/m
; White Speed: 48000mm/m
; Resolution (mm per pixel): 0.35277777777775515mm
; Laser Spot Size: 0.1mm

Note: I upped the max speed on the x-stepper in smoothie config to 60000mm/m. Could be these high speeds are the reason it sounds rattly, but honestly it doesn’t seem to be going very fast (see vid). Might be something else I need to play with to get the speed working right.

I don’t think raster can go any faster than 500ish. Also i do beleive that power should be set low as it will deep engrave and fast

This is the objective. I beleive it was done with power from 5 to 18 or something similar on am 80w

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty I will have to play with settings more. It makes sense that it is going slow if it can’t go past 500mm/s & I have it set to 800mm/s lol. Might be that we need to consider LW having upper & lower limits for the speeds to stop idiots like me trying to set it too high.

Any idea what material that is done on? I’d love to get results like that, but so far no go.

I notice that wood seems to look “black” no matter the power it burns on it. Just the depth changes based on the darkness of the original colour (i.e. 100% black is deeper into the wood).

That’s the holy grail since I saw it a couple of months ago. I agree with you, softer wood just burns, you can see the different in level very clearly but just not Grey. At least the ply I have available

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Yeah, same with the ply I am testing on. It is just burning but the depth is noticeable. I did test on merbau hardwood the other day & again, everywhere the laser touches is BLACK. But, the depth does change again. I think that with wood in general we are looking at BLACK everywhere the laser touches.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y ​ your problem is just like mine. I believe the power is too high for the material. I’ve also noticed the speed does not increase enough even when I set it high, it might have to do with acceleration, like a car, you won’t reach 100mph going up and down on a very short street unless you have insane acceleration.

@Mircea_Russu That is true. I’ve just tested a larger engrave to see if it has a chance to get higher speed from the accel. But alas, same issue I think. I just posted a vid for it too.