Doing some 3d printing for the    demo for us at Synthetos   and

Doing some 3d printing for the #NYC #Makerfaire demo for us at @Synthetos and generated some cool gcode. I wanted to see what @ChiliPeppr thought about it :slight_smile: This is its rendering.

How’d the 3D print come out? BTW, I do render E’s (extrusions) but I will give credit to Joe Walnes on that one.

Its still printing right now on the ultimaker #1. But the first one is done. Will work nicely! Soon very soon I can just use tinyg to do it all! Right nowI have stock #ultimaker firmware and electronics.

I’ve never heard/seen anyone do a 3D print from ChiliPeppr yet. This is exciting. You gotta post some video.

I was not actually using it to print. This was just to see what the gcode rendered as.