Doing another New England RepRap meetup on July 20th,

Doing another New England RepRap meetup on July 20th, 2013! If you’re in the area, RSVP and come print with us!

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It’s been over a year since our first New England RepRap meetup (which was February 26th, 2012). A whole lot of people have built RepRaps since then - come show yours off!

It starts on Saturday (July 20th) morning at 10am and goes to 5pm. Bring your printer, set it up, and print! See other people’s printers (many different models), share your experiences, and meet other people who share your 3D printing hobby.

When we did this last year, frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect… I thought there was a good chance it could be awesome, but feared the possibility that it might just suck. Wow was it ever the former - everyone who came was really glad to attend, and wanted to know when the next one was.

If you’re planning on going, accept the invite and let me know if you’re bringing a printer (or printers) so I know how many tables and power strips to set up.

If you bring your printer, don’t forget plastic, small tools you usually want when printing (pliers etc), and maybe bring something small to keep them in to keep your stuff from being mixed in with other people’s.

We’ll order pizza mid-day. This time we’ll try to figure out an easier way to take everyone’s order. :slight_smile: Bring $ (preferably smaller bills, not just $20s) so we can split the cost of pizza/drinks/etc.

Here’s your motivation to get your printer printing again! Come print with us!