Does the latest edge firmware-cnc.bin includes ABC axis support?

Does the latest edge firmware-cnc.bin includes ABC axis support?

Unless there is something specific about the latest build…

You need to compile for 6 axis:

But this was merge , why the compile?

The compile is because smoothieware .bin is compiled for 5 axis. So you need to compile for 6 axis if you want C.

I just want A

Remove/ disable the extruders from your config and try to define an A axis per the docs linked above.

Yeah I just wanted to make sure it’s there. Have a user wanting to test but it did not for him hence the question to confirm

@raykholo hi Ray. I’m the one trying to get rotary A axis working the the mini.

I defined the A axis (delta) per the docs listed above and disabled the extruders. Flashed the latest edge firmware cnc. Made sure the A axis pin assignments are correct in config.txt as follows…

Step 2.3
Dir 0.22
EN 0.21

I can get the motor to spin if I plug them into the Z axis so I know the driver/motor/wiring is ok. If I move the driver/motor plug to the A axis. Can’t get it to spin. The stepper motor never gets enabled, motor shaft doesn’t lock.

Before I lug down the Oscilloscope to check the board out, has anyone verified the latest firmware to actually work for A axis.

The firmware works fine for x,y,z movements. No problem running the laser but can’t get A axis to respond.

Derp. Quick way to rule out the board is redefine the Z pins to the A socket (and un-define A in config in the process).

@raykholo why didn’t I think of that. Duh. Ok I reverted to a earlier config.txt without the ABC axis mods. Changed the Z pins to the A socket and got the motor to spin. So physically the board is fine, all 4 stepper sockets are good.

So something is either wrong with my modified config.txt or latest firmware is broken.

Yep, we test for this sort of thing before shipping boards :slight_smile:

Going to need some help from the Wolfs on this one, please post a config file.

The config,txt I’m trying to get working for rotary A axis. Works fine XY lasering. Using latest firmware-cnc.bin that is posted about 6 days ago.

I decided to download the source and rebuild for multiaxis. It WORKS!!! Rotary A axis moves when running gcode.

Ok so we do have to recompile. Did you do make AXIS=4 CNC=1 ?

@raykholo make AXIS=4 CNC=1 is what I used. Didn’t need the 5&6th.

Only did a quick A axis gcode test to see the rotary move. More testing is needed to see if any issues.

Yeah that’s what I originally thought needed to be done.

@Jim_Fong that’s awesome! FYI the video freezes around 30 seconds in, but still, the point was made and made well!

@raykholo YouTube messed up video. Re-uploading again.

Updated video

Laserweb4 rotary on a k40 laser running Smoothieware

@Jim_Fong , Could be possible to know which postprocessor, or CAM software, did you use to generate gcode for 4th axis operation ?

@Antonio_Hernandez at the time, I used Laserweb4 to create the gcode.