does someone have an idea how to find "Green-tec" or "PETG" between dozends of

does someone have an idea how to find “Green-tec” or “PETG” between dozends of PLA samples…?
memorize! to label your stuff dammit.
anything else?

try bend it and you should see the different maybe?
PETG is quite stretchy and took many bend to break them apart.

Doesn’t PETG normally have a semi-transparent, crystal like appearance? Or are you looking for a solid color PETG?

i should have a solid black sample, PETG but i found 5 black samples… the Bending idea is a good starting point.
how about green-tec? sould be stronger too or?

My spools come with labels on them. But I’ll start double checking them all now

no i dont blame the vendor, got a box of samples and fillament rest (3-8m each) partly from makerfair party rest from hackerspace or bought samples

Never try Green-tec so I don’t know.

Actually burning them and observing the color at which they burn might be a solution, someone posted a video showing the different materials (ABS, PETG, PLA) burn in different colors. (definitely do outside)

Petg is more springy than pla and less likely to snap when bent over on itself.

This would only work for determining PETG & PLA not Green-Tec.

okay found the PETG, sadly read the burning test to late…
wait i still can confirm my “guess” i’ll catch a torch…

anyone has experience with that geen-tec? (in therms of bending burning smelling) and in terms of printing?