Does (or how well does) K40 Whisper run on Windows 11?

I’ve had a k40 for probably 4 years now and originally kepteverything simple. I thought I might go the Corel route and bought a used Windows 8 laptop for $50. While I could never score a copy of Corel, I tried installing K40 Whisperer and it just would not take. I ended up using LaserDRW and actually did some pretty amazing stuff with it. Unfortunately my machine had an accident is now DOA. I temporarily loaded K40 Whisperer on a computer (a Microsoft Surface with Windows 10) I have access to to see if it would work, and it does drive my laser. I am looking to buy/upgrade a computer and was looking for recommendations. Has anyone tried Windows 11 with K40 Whisper? How difficult is it to load and run successfully on a Mac?

To the best of my knowledge K40 Whisperer works fine under Windows 11. I do not currently have Windows 11, so I am basing this on what other people have said. (I generally run my laser with a computer with Linux installed but I do the code development and a most testing without the laser on Windows 10)


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