Does grbl-lpc on mks sbase support axes A B and C

Hello there,
I am an absolute newbie to CNC, and grbl.
I am wondering if grbl-lpc supports 4th, 5th and 6th axes?
If it does, will that be also true when run on mks sbase?
Your help would be very much appreciated.
Victor Wu (from Hong Kong)

The original gnea/grbl-lpc only supports 3 axes. My fork GitHub - cprezzi/grbl-LPC: Multiple compiled versions for different boards & machines (under releases) supports 4 axes (X, Y, Z and A).
See grbl-LPC/cpu_map.h at 6da1169f8da0f32aebe98835024d081b4fe72691 · cprezzi/grbl-LPC · GitHub for MKS SBase Pinout.

LinuxCNC supports X Y Z and A B C axis and the Remora project works with the MKS Sbase v1.3 controller. See the Remora docs and LinuxCNC tutorials of new to LinuxCNC - Welcome to Remora’s documentation — Remora documentation 0.0.1 documentation

I think that grblHAL supports more axes as well; it looks like it’s getting lots of active development and is basically the next generation of grbl.

gawd it took too much time digging for how many axes it supported… like 30 minutes to find the old page where it said 6 axis was supported. While that was good the old page stating that was also talking about a Windows-only tool which gave you 6 axis DRO etc. Windows-only is no-go term for me considering there are so many cross platform dev tools available. Not supporting Mac and Linux is just wrong.

It does seem like now that many of the ‘buffered firmwares’ are moving beyond their 8bit roots to 32bit controllers, they are now starting to make more gains towards the GCode standard support found in LinuxCNC and also its Trajectory Planner(TP). One would also want to check on encoder support if they were interested in grblHAL.