Does anyone uses kisslicer with a reprap?,

Does anyone uses kisslicer with a reprap?, with my 0.5 nozzle and 3mm filament i cannot generate usable gcode. Im missing something on the configuration. Does anyone have a good link where i can educate myself about kisslicer?, or does anyone have a profile to share, so i can use it as a initial config?

I’m interested in this as well, as I keep hearing good things about it from Ultimaker users, and heard that it generates awesome support material. But they use such unstandard terminology like max RPM of the motor, etc…

I use it with a Mendel90 paired with a 3 mm filament through a .4 mm nozzle.

The tool tips are pretty helpful in demystifying what each one does.

Use the download links from within the forum for the 1.1.0 RC3 release, the web pages download isn’t as clear in the tool tip explanations.

@ThantiK That’s the same wall I ran into when I downloaded it.

I could configure it, if I had the patience to really grind out all those variables, but it was just annoying enough to make me shrug it off. If someone made a good step-by-step for that config process (a la Slic3r is Nicer), then I’d be more tempted to give it a go, but it’s just too funky compared to other slicing software right now.

@Mark_Oates 1.1 rc3 does look better. Will try it now and report back.

At least it gave me a better gcode.

I didn’t have a hard time setting up Kisslicer when I first got into this stuff a couple of months ago, it was easier than Slic3r or Skeinforge once I got past the RPM settings. I saw a lot of posts which say the RPM was designed for printers with DC extruders (BfB) and with a stepper extruder to set the min RPM for 1 and the max for 500 and my prints come out fine.

Another thing may be the G-code settings. If you’re having problems getting it to extrude, if you’re use 5D - Relative E, then you need to add M83 into the G-code prefix.