does anyone use a raspberry pie or beagle bone as a serial port server

does anyone use a raspberry pie or beagle bone as a serial port server and communicate with it wireless. im building a second machine right now and only have one usb on the tablet i do all my computing on. i have 4 machines in the works and id love to be able to just enable communication and run from my desk.

I use raspberry pi as my core spjs runner. I use Ethernet but Wi-Fi should work fine.

awesome. ill start with the Ethernet since we know it works and try to go from there haha.

I fully recommend avoiding wifi if possible. I’ve spent an exhaustive amount of time debugging rpi3 built in wifi, and it’s just not good.

That being said, there are some better USB wifi dongles using rlt drivers, but I still wouldn’t trust it for CNC work.

Spjs queues gcode so I think it’s ok to use Wi-Fi. I found Wi-Fi on rpi3 to be pretty good.

does any one have a rpi2 image i can put on the sd card and just toss in a pi. i would probably get my feet wet getting it running my self but who isnt trying to cut corners, ammi right.

actually i’ll probably just pick up a 3 while im at it if i plan on going wifi down the road.

Funny, I was just hooking my rpi3 up to the 3040 and testing the WiFi. Had a problem connecting, I think I need to update my 1.88 spjs

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yes! amazing!!

Hmmm… updated to v1.92 and still cannot connect SPJS on WiFi, but GPIO json server works great. Both used to work and I have not touched the rPi for a while. I don’t need to get this working now but it was cool that the rPi3 fit in the 3040 so well and I really wanted to network this puppy. Now I’m trying to autolevel to get this board cut and I am getting the stall (limit blinking) on the second point that others got. [sigh]…