Does anyone run dual extruders with single nozzle? Care to share your thoughts?

Does anyone run dual extruders with single nozzle? Care to share your thoughts? Can you share a pic of your setup?
I am toying with using a Y-Splitter and can not decide on putting both extruders and rolls of filament on the same side for the sake of wiring or opposite sides to try and ‘balance’ out the tugging forces on the carriage.
For now, my intended use is to use a contrasting color for embossed text on the top of some objects, not a lot of filament changes.

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Why don’t you try something like the prusa mmu

I’ve done a few prints with an E3D Cyclops (and many more on the Chimera).
My main extruder (Bondtech) sits on the right, and secondary (Titan) on the left of the frame, with a spool holder on either side, although I often use larget spools suspended above. That seems to generally work fine. The main issues I’m having with the Cyclops is dialing in the retraction on filament change well enough to prevent clogging, particularly when not using the same filaments (I tried PETG and TPU once, but no success at all, whereas PLA on both works ok).
I bought the Titan mainly to use as a direct extruder (before the BMG came out) and for this setup (the Cyclops requires quite some pressure) I’d rather recommend a Bondtech extruder, or direct drive setup.
For prints that only require few filament changes I often just stop the print and change the filament manually, instead of changing the setup (swap carriage) of my printer. Cleaning a clogged Cyclops isn’t fun.

I’ve been using a Diamond Hotend for the past couple of years and really enjoy it. It is temperamental, but I’ve gotten some great prints from it, and tested successfully with TPU, soluble, and wood filaments. It does have a tendency to jam, which will ruin prints, but most of the time the jams clear easy enough. I assembled a structure that sits on top of the printer to hold the filament and motors, and feed the filament down from above.

My toddler for visual reference :wink:

@Carter_Calhoun1 wow, I can’t believe I missed these comments. I never saw your setup in pictures before. Thank you very much for sharing. I should make a post asking for everyone to post their machines pictures. It will be good to collect them from examples out on the GitHub.