Does anyone know what kind 3D printer I should look for if I want

Does anyone know what kind 3D printer I should look for if I want to print the voxel model as my picture shows?

Thanks in advance.


One of the online one off shops would do that for you reasonably cheaply. Otherwise you’re looking at a very expensive printer. There’s lots of overhangs there and I assume you want color. Only real option for all those needs is a (pricey) powder printer.

Check out the Afinia H-Series.

@Eric_Kemper did you even look at what they wanted to print, or are you just some sort of mouthpiece for that company?

Sorry this picture is just a sample. I will reduce the overhangs if I need to print it out. In this case (without overhangs), any suggested printer for me to look at? I want color too but I don’t mind if the printer can print the model without colors. Thanks.

Any printer should be able to print that in a single color if you just orient the piece so it’s face is flat on the bed. But there are a lot of colors there and you’d lose nearly all the detail that way.

You could possibly split it up into multiple prints (if you wanted all those colors) and assemble them post-print, and maybe use a dual or tri-extrusion machine to keep the costs down without having to go with a full blown powder printer.

+Anthony Morris - of course I did. And no, I am nothing but a happy Afinia owner.

I’m sure the Afinia could do everything but the colors - which no current consumer/pro-sumer printer could accomplish.

@Eric_Kemper what exactly does the Afinia H offer here that goes above and beyond any other printer in the same price rangef for this particular model? It’s not helpful just to suggest a printer you’re familiar with because it can 3D print things. People come here looking for solutions, not endorsements. For example I would have never suggested a Makergear Moisac because I’m familiar with it unless it offered some special advantage in this situation.

@Owen_Wu , what are your requirements for the print? Would you prefer color? Are you looking to just have a few of these done? Looking to get into 3D printing yourself, or just produce things? The picture that you posted, where can the file for it be found?

The Afinia is particularly good at handling overhangs and produces easy to remove supports. It’s also simple enough for virgin 3D’ers.

You’d know this if you spent as much time googling the printer as you have criticizing my posts.