Does anyone know the file format for QCAD fonts (.cxf)?  I was hoping to

Does anyone know the file format for QCAD fonts (.cxf)? I was hoping to modify the Inkscape Hershy text extension to provide support for QCAD fonts, but I can’t locate ant documents on the format. The file header plus a sample first glyph look like this:

Format: QCad II Font

Creator: QCad


LetterSpacing: 3.000000

WordSpacing: 6.750000

LineSpacingFactor: 1.000000

[0041] A
A 3.758993,2.856698,3.712500,79.558352,173.977152
A 2.528323,2.986543,2.475000,173.977152,218.783654
A 3.405280,3.691222,3.600000,218.783654,255.248682
A 3.204763,2.929678,2.812500,255.248682,271.700412
A 3.121307,5.740940,5.625000,271.700412,329.133130
L 7.949591,2.855061,9.875496,5.978278
A 17.536120,1.254419,9.000000,129.762353,148.340292
A -5.765746,7.343133,16.129130,334.256276,343.882398
A 5.838600,3.989848,4.050000,343.882398,30.739101
A 7.965872,5.254893,1.575000,30.739101,61.582154
A 8.287103,5.848556,0.900000,61.582154,169.531225
A 12.933451,4.990025,5.625000,169.531225,184.108529
A 10.128179,4.788521,2.812500,184.108529,243.342652
A 4.064825,4.516253,2.025000,343.773297,79.558352
A 3.740770,4.610564,2.362500,256.617630,343.773297
A 3.506428,3.625556,1.350000,215.960878,256.617630
A 3.051130,3.295238,0.787500,131.571040,215.960878
L 12.358954,6.910979,8.577848,0.000000
A 13.218788,6.443171,2.250000,79.859899,129.762353
A 28.555896,-3.408091,19.204795,141.076168,147.498792

Might be worth having a word with the guys at libreCAD?

@Daniel_Wood Thanks. I figured it out through brute force.
There are lines or arcs. The lines use the format:
L X1, Y1, X2,Y2
which represent a stroke from (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2).

The arcs use the format:
A Xc, Yc, R, Theta1, Theta2
which represents an arc having a centerpoint at (Xc,Yc), a radius of R, and the arc is stroked from Theta1 degrees through Theta2 degrees in a clockwise direction, with 0 degrees at 3:00.

Now I’m trying to contact @Windell_Oskay to see if I can get information on the glyph format used in his file…