Does anyone know of any companies that assemble 3D printer's ?

(Derrick A Yeboah) #1

Does anyone know of any companies that assemble 3D printer’s ? Please and thank you for your time.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

Don’t most printers come mostly assembled now? I think some like the ultimakers even come fully assembled.

(ThantiK) #3

@Kevin_Danger_Powers ultimakers haven’t had a kit form in like 5 years, lol

(Ryan Carlyle) #4

If you’re looking for OEMs to make large numbers of your printer design, there is a whole ecosystem of intermeshing parts and assembly companies in China. FlashForge will occasionally do big jobs on contract like producing thousands of printers for someone else. (Example: Polar3D.) Lots of other kinda-nameless companies out there… you could shotgun around AliExpress vendors to see if any will do custom orders to spec.

If you only want a few printers built, no, I don’t think there are any companies that will do that for anything less than a stupid amount of money. Your best bet is to ask around if any hobbyists or makerspaces are willing to help in exchange for money / parts / beer.

(ThantiK) #5

@Ryan_Carlyle , that’s interesting information to have on hand. I did not know that Polar3D contracted out to FlashForge for assembly, or even that FlashForge would do that kind of thing.

(Ryan Carlyle) #6

@ThantiK I think it may have been kind of a favor to Dan Newman. Don’t know what Polar was doing before Dan joined them.

(Derrick A Yeboah) #7

@Ryan_Carlyle Thank you Ryan

(Kevin Danger Powers) #8

@ThantiK I don’t keep tabs on Ultimaker stuff as they are out of my price range. I just know that at least some of them come fully assembled. I didn’t know if they had any kits or not.

(Ryan Carlyle) #9

@Kevin_Danger_Powers the original Ultimater (“UMO”) was a plywood kit (just like the original Makerbot, Printrbot, etc) but they moved upmarket with the UM2 and stopped offering kits a few years ago iirc.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #10

Oddly enough, UMO+ is still being offered even if they don’t seem to promote it anymore. On that point, I don’t know what the attraction is since it’s such a dated product now.